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WONDERTOOL™ - All in one - Portable Washer & Air Cleaner w/ AntiVirus

Detergent - Free

Energy - Save

Eco - Safe

Detergent-Free Portable Washing Machine

WONDERTOOL™ - washes quickly without detergent, cleans everything, even the surrounding air


● Wash without detergents + sterilize for germs/viruses

● Disinfection cleaning + sanitizing fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods

● Sterilization cleaning of children’s toys and supplies

● Dry cleaning of clothes and footwear from sweat, smoke, and other smells

● Dry sterilization of smartphones, keys, masks, beauty accessories, etc.

● Car sterilization from germs/viruses/smells

● House cleaning with ozonated water to remove germs/viruses

● Room sterilization from germs/viruses/molds/smells

● Pet area sterilization from germs/viruses/smells

● Filterless air purifier with thunderstorm deodorizing effect

WONDERTOOL™ does your laundry anywhere and doesn't need a fixed connection to a water supply or drain. It also has important ECO- BENEFITS:

I Washed Week-Old Gym Clothes Without Detergent and I'm Never Going Back. Your Laundry is Killing Your Wallet. Your Laundry is Killing the Environment. OZONE is the Solution: I was so impressed by the results, I haven't touched my laundry detergent in a month, and I don't think I will ever again. I'll save at least $400 in laundry detergents and hot water costs in the first year alone. And the health and environmental savings are priceless!

Forbes 03/28/2021

The Science of Ozone Laundry Systems
Overall, OZONE as a detergent-less laundry system can be compared to electricity. When electricity first emerged as a power source, people were afraid of it. We are still studying ozone, but the pros outweigh the cons and the technology is advancing more each day.

WC&P magazine 08/15/2017

Stanford University’s Residential and Dining Enterprises have adopted a green cleaning standard that has reduced chemical usage in residences by over 90%. The system engineers water by infusing it with OZONE to create a solution as effective as traditional chemicals with no environmental or human health consequences.  In 2018 access to the green cleaning system was expanded to students to clean their own apartments and use as a laundry detergent.

Stanford University 11/12/2019
WONDERTOOL - the world's first portable ozone washer for sportswear


SPORTSWEAR gets dirty and smelly every day, and it is often needed the next day. Don't worry. Your favorite sportswear will be clean without containing any chemical powders and germs.

WONDERTOOL - the world's first portable ozone washer for kids clothes


KIDS CLOTHES accumulate every day, and they are always dirty. Don't you want to solve this problem without the risk of irritating your delicate baby’s skin with washing powder and microbes?

WONDERTOOL prepares ozone-charged water for cleaning in the house


WONDERTOOL prepares ozone-charged water for cleaning in the house. Germs, bacteria, and viruses will be destroyed. This is the best way to ensure uncompromised cleanliness in your home.

WONDERTOOL™ will change your life for the better - GET IT NOW


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