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✅ Reduced Energy Costs
Typically, sanitizing is achieved with hot water but cold water is best for ozone. This leads to reduced hot-water consumption and, to a lesser extent, reduced drying times resulting in considerable energy savings.
✅ Reduced Water / Sewer Costs
Ozone aids the effectiveness of traditional laundry chemicals, thus reducing the amounts required. Because of this reduction, fewer rinse cycles are needed in the wash. This leads to a reduction in water consumption and sewer discharge.
✅ Reduced Drying Times
Ozone does not alter the pH level of water, unlike bleach and detergents, so less souring chemicals are needed. This decreases the need for softener - which coats the fibers and holds moisture in the fabric - thereby extending drying times.
✅ Reduced Chemical / Detergent Costs
Ozone is faster than chlorine bleach - at equal concentrations - when destroying bacteria and sterilizing linens. Because ozone reverts to pure oxygen after use, there are no chemical residues. As the wash cycle needs fewer chemicals, a high level of disinfection can be achieved with ozone.
✅ Increased Linen Life
When laundering with ozone, washing and drying-cycle times are shortened. Therefore exposure to chemicals and heat is reduced and fabric wear is decreased. The water-softening properties of ozone also improve fabric life.
✅ Increased Fabric Softness & Brightness
Ozone helps to prevent re-deposition of soil onto linens - one of the major causes of fabric graying. This eliminates further bleaching and chemical use. It also reduces chemical usage resulting in softer, fluffier linens.
✅ Improved White and Colored-Load Mixes
Ozone reduces the need for bleach in many applications allowing white and colored linens to be washed together, saving on labor costs incurred for load separation

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