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1-World's detergent-free Portable Ozone Washing Machine for sportswear - WONDERTOOL™

1-World's detergent-free Portable Ozone Washing Machine for sportswear - WONDERTOOL™

“If your clothes look clean but smell bad, they’re not clean” - The Washington Post. 

More than 60 percent of today’s laundry is synthetic or blended fabrics, but traditional detergent was never designed to clean those fabrics — they were always focused on stain removal. But odors from bacteria, mold, and mildew are now the real problem, and they can’t be dealt with by simply covering them up with added fragrances. Smell-making bacteria will collect anywhere that's warm and wet. As such, your armpits are their favorite breeding ground. This is why your workout clothes still stink after being washed. If your gym clothes look clean but smell bad, they’re not clean.

Washing clothes in hot water helps solve this problem, but most of us are not working out in clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton that can withstand hot temperatures. Instead, we are wearing clothing made from synthetic fibers that require cold water washing.
This problem is exacerbated in performance clothes that contain channels or grooves that enhance wicking. Body soils can become trapped in these grooves, making them even more difficult to remove. That is why odors are a common problem with performance fabrics.

Sweating through a workout is great, but, once the workout is over, however, no one wants that sweaty smell to remain in their gym clothes. Workout clothing often builds up unpleasant odors, even after washing. At the same time, high-performance activewear can be quite expensive, so you don't want to ruin it in the wash.
Washing high-performance gear takes some extra care. These are not your plain cotton T-shirts and sweatpants that can tolerate hot washes and machine-drying.
You should not use fabric softener for any sportswear, as this will damage the membrane of the fabric. Functional sportswear is becoming more technical and complex. The fillers, bleach, and optical brightener contained in conventional detergents have been shown to reduce the breathability of the functional fabrics and do not allow optimal transport of perspiration from inside to outside.
As a result, the laundry can only be cleaned incompletely. The unpleasant smell of sweat often persists after washing.
But sweat itself doesn't smell! Instead, the odor is produced when the bacteria that live naturally on our skin feed on a particular kind of oily sweat.

The key to breaking the bond between the sweaty smell and the fabric is Ozone. Ozone sanitizing treatment is approximately 3,000 times more effective than bleach, and it also kills MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant superbugs that otherwise can't kill. Ozonated water penetrates deep inside the fibers, killing bacteria and eliminating odors without compromising the high-performance activewear.

While a hard sweat session often feels rewarding, a lingering smell on workout clothes (even after washing them) can present challenges when it comes to getting ready for the next gym visit.

Gym clothes absorb sweat throughout a workout. No matter what your workout clothing is made of, it’s possible for stubborn sweat smells to remain, even after a cycle in the traditional wash. 

Love working up a sweat but hate the lingering smell of sweaty gym clothes? Try the WONDERTOOL™- 1-World's detergent-free Portable Ozone Washing Machine for sportswear gym workout activewear clothes.


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