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About Us

WONDERTOOL is a next-level company that is thinking, designing, and turning unique ideas into solutions for current problems.
Using innovative engineering and design concepts, our team offers exceptional solutions that improve mobility, convenience, comfort, ergonomics, durability and aesthetics.

We have successfully created and fulfilled a WONDERTOOL project. 

 Detergent-Free Portable Washing Machine - Compact Laundry Washer & Filterless Air Purifier - Fruit or Vegetable Cleaner w/ Ozone Sterilization - All in One





Now we’ve honed our skills and vastly improved our production and sourcing network to bring you products of the highest quality.

WONDERTOOL™ - All in one - Portable Washer & Air Cleaner w/ AntiVirus 

"This idea was really born in this bubble bath, and I’m hoping that the WONDERTOOL will change your life for the better" - Vlad Datsyshyn, inventor, PhD in Engineering

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