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Is Mold or Bacteria in Baby Toys Making Your Child Sick?

Many mothers take every precaution to clean baby toys and personal care items thoroughly. Despite all the mother's cleaning efforts, it is all too often true that baby toys, tipple cups, and teething rings are contaminated. Many toys are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and dust mites that thrives in darkness and moisture.
Such hidden growths inside of baby items may be causing your child’s mold related illness.
You think that you are helping your baby when you clear out his/her stuffy little nose… but think again! A mom made national headlines by cutting a nasal bulb in half and discovering that it was full of mold. She was inadvertently injecting mold into her baby’s sinus each night when she suctioned his nose before bed. She always cleaned her son’s nose bulb with hot soapy water after each use, but nevertheless, the inside of the syringe full of disgusting and dangerous mold.

WONDERTOOL™ can prepare ozone-charged water for cleaning – mold, bacteria, and viruses will be destroyed, and you can finally clean it all back to its original sterile cleanliness.

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